EFurnit Electric Height Adjustable Desk - Alpine 3-Leg V-120° Sit Stand Desk - Triple Motor - Anti-Collision Protection System

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Ergonomics is about making your life simpler and safer. The electric freestanding desks in Alpine series combines design, ergonomics and economy for today’s flexible working life to ensure the health and wellbeing. Alpine makes height adjustability easy to afford, easy to use, and easy to integrate into any setting.

Available in many different finishes with smart options to fulfil all ergonomic requirements.

With different tabletop choices from colour to lengths, Alpine is a height-adjustable desk solution for the users who work individually or in the group. Individuals can easily adjust their desk to find the best working height when sitting or turn their desk to a standing work desk.

Varying between sitting and standing during the work improves blood circulation and metabolism. It also prevents different Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), vascular diseases and the obesity caused by continuous sedentary work. But the Alpine Sit-to-Stand desk makes it easier to decrease sedentary throughout the day.

The desks come with 5 Year Unlimited Warranty.

Sit-Stand Desk

If you care about your health, then do not just sit there, stand up!

Our bodies need variation and movement against gravity. With this in mind, we developed the alpine sit-stand range! Our electric height adjustable desks offer variable height adjustments using a silent motor for each leg, table height between 600 and 1,230 mm. Includes a safe anti-collision feature that prevents crush injuries if the desk comes into contact with any objects. Desks suit both tall and short people because of the available large height range.

Alpine series is stable flexible sit/stand desks suitable for the office and home office. They are quick, silent and easy to operate and together with their wide range of accessories fulfill all your ergonomic and well-being requirements.


  • Dual motor system enables a more stable and faster adjustment.
  • Anti-Collision protection system will stop the desk’s movement if it senses something in its way.
  • Sit/stand activity timer reminds the user when to adjust movements.
  • Three Programmable memory settings with LED display
  • Impeccable protection software, including automatic failure detection.
  • Constant speed even overloaded, accurate heights adjusted within 2mm error.
  • Reliable control system, 100% aging test qualified for the control box.
  • Designed and tested to applicable US Energy Star & EU ERP standards.
Tiltable desktop

Easy Height Adjustment

Simply touch of a button and vary your desk height with. Different controller models and designs with or without alarm and pre-sets.

Non-Reflective Surface

Anti-Collision Technology

Reliable and fast obstacle detection. The movement stops and the desktop automatically reverses to a save position.

Anti-Pinch design

Adjustable Feet

Adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floor surfaces. The integrated adjustment screw is hidden, to give the legs a stylish look.

Product Size

Technical Specification


The Alpine tops and underframes are available in several different varieties. Mix and match, and create a combination that suits your environment.


Colour Matched or Natural Fineline Edges


table-top Finishes


There are many well-designed and quality options we can add to your Alpine desk. You can find a selection of options you may want to add. To add extra options to your desk, please call us on tel: +44(0) 1753575678.

Technical Parameters
Motor Triple Motors Max.Speed 3.8 cm/s with Anti-Collision Protection
Height Range 63cm (60-123cm) Noise <50dB
Loading 150 Kg Surge Immunity 1kV(L1 to L2)
2kV (L1, L2, to PE)
Table Size Customisable ESD Protection ∓ 4Kv(Conducted Discharge)
∓ 8Kv(Air Discharge)
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Brand EFurnit
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